Pilates - what is it?

Joseph Pilates developed a system of exercises called Pilates in the early 1900’s to give abdominal strength, flexibility and stability. Initially developed for rehabilitation of war injuries, it was later modified for ballet dancers. Today the system has been modified to included exercise and rehabilitation programmes for everyone.

Pilates Studio Individual Programmes


Kaikoura Physiotherapy’s Pilates studio/gym has specialised spring loaded equipment that provides resistance rather impact. Programmes using this equipment will help to develop muscular power and endurance, giving a challenging workout for people of all ages. Any fitness level can use this equipment. It is used to assist those rehabilitating from injuries or physical conditions and for people training for events.

When you sign up for a Pilates studio programme, a qualified physiotherapist will set a programme specific to your needs and abilities.

There are various programme prices to choose from and each client receives a thorough ‘initial assessment’ to establish a programme to meet your requirements and ‘follow-up sessions’ to learn and practice the exercises. You will be given guidance on how to use the equipment effectively and safely.

10 week programme $200 ($20 per week)
20 week programme $300 ($15 per week)

Pilates Mat Classes

Classes are held in the studio/gym and are offered in levels as follows:

Level 1: is for beginners and those who have not been to a class for some time. We run a 6 week course when there are sufficient numbers interested.

Level 2: is for the Level 1 attendees whom have mastered basic Pilate’s techniques and are ready to learn more. This class runs weekly.

Level 2/3: is for more advanced attendees whom are confident in Pilate’s techniques. This class runs weekly.